Playing Card Games Is My Favorite Pastime

I love playing cards.  It really does not matter what the game is.  So long as there is a deck of playing cards involved, I am probably going to enjoy it.  Whether I am playing Baccarat Online or spades with a group of friends at my house, there really is not anything that is more fun for me than playing cards.  I do not always have to gamble, but I do find it to be rather exciting from time to time.  My buddies and I also have a weekly poker night in which we play Texas hold ’em, five card draw, and other types of poker.

Baccarat Online

I think my love for different card games really started out as a kid when my grandma and I used to play go fish.  From that point forward, I always loved playing cards.  My sister and I would regularly play war with a deck of playing cards, as well.  Obviously, these two games are much simpler than the card games that I play now, but I really do feel as though playing them at a young age was the start of my love for card games.  There might not be any real similarities to playing go fish with my grandma and Baccarat Online, but I think that I make the connection simply because that go fish was the first game that I remember playing as a kid and Baccarat is my favorite today.

Every now and again, I will get on the internet and run a few searches in order to see if there are any card games that I have never heard of before that I might be interested in trying out.  I will also get on different forums and ask around to see what other people’s favorite card games are.

Are there any obscure card games that you play that you think others might enjoy?  What are they?  I am always willing to try out something new, and so I am willing to get suggestions from anyone who loves playing cards as much as I do.