Are You Looking for the Ultimate Weed Whacker?

Keeping your lawn trim and looking the best requires having neat edging and a clean look overall. While the major mowing and weeding will take care of the main part, there is still a need for a good weed whacker to get the job done properly. There are all kinds of these tools available from gas powered to battery powered and straight electric.

You should start out with one of the gas models, especially if you have a great deal of property. They hold up better, run longer, and have the ability to work with any kind of attachment, be it the classic string head or a blade ring for gardening spaces. Either way, you will want to get the best out of the weed trimmer and have it situated so it will work in a variety of situations.

In order to prepare for any situation, it is necessary to have more than one trimmer head. With the coarse areas of the lawn, not only will you need the power of a gas trimmer, you will need a strong trimmer head with heavy and durable string to take down the toughest of summer weeds. What you want in the end is a good, close-cropped look to lawn edging.

Look for the better weed trimming heads at sites such as and see what has the best ratings for the weed whacker of choice. Whether you want the traditional and tough heads for massive jobs, or something simpler for the basic, smaller lawn, you will find something listed in ratings on sites like This will help you find the best trimmer for your needs.

Just keep in mind that, when you are gardening a great deal, you will want to still do the weed trimming, but keep the flowers and other plants and seedlings intact. This seems like a tedious job and it is when you use the standard head on the trimmer.

Get a good orbital head for your trimmer if you do lots of gardening. They are made with blades in a smooth ring. That which is outside of the ring will not get trimmed and what is inside will. This way, you can keep your garden neatly trimmed all season long.